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Undertaking your RICS APC in the MENA Region

Updated: Apr 26

Building a Better You

Property Elite’s sole aim is to build better property professionals - supporting your career every step of the way, whether you are an AssocRICS or RICS APC candidate or a MRICS or FRICS Chartered Surveyor simply seeking engaging CPD.

We provide a wide range of training and support, so why not find out more on our website about how we might be able to support you? We work with candidates across all RICS APC and AssocRICS pathways, routes to assessment and geographic regions.

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What is this week's blog about?


In this week’s blog, find out how Property Elite are supporting RICS APC candidates in the MENA region.


What is the MENA region?


The Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region includes approximately 21 countries, according to the World Bank. This includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Oman.


The MENA region faces it’s own challenges, as well as being affected by global socioeconomic and political issues. You can read more about this on the World Bank website, in their 2023 economic update for MENA.


There are many exciting opportunities for Chartered Surveyors in the MENA region, with some of the world’s biggest construction projects currently being built.

The UAE, in particular, is also seeking to decarbonise the built environment and this will promote further opportunities for Chartered Surveyors.

What is it like to work in the MENA region?

This article from RICS explains what it is like to relocate abroad for work. You can also read more about working in Dubai here.


How do I become a Chartered Surveyor in MENA?


Becoming a Chartered Surveyor involves the same process, passing the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), no matter where you live or work in the world (unless you qualify for Direct Entry, which will apply in a very small number of circumstances – read more about this below).


You can read more about the APC process in our free E-Book Guide.


Our APC clients in the MENA region come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have completed engineering degrees, which are not RICS accredited, and already have substantial experience, whilst others have undertaken RICS accredited degrees in MENA or abroad (e.g., in the UK and then relocated to MENA for work).


Your route to becoming MRICS will depend on your background, in most cases whether you have an RICS accredited degree or not, and how much experience you have. Typically, non-accredited degrees (and over 5 years’ experience) give access via Preliminary Review, whilst RICS accredited degrees give access via Structured Training (0-10 years’ experience, with Structured Training dropping away if you have over 10 years’ experience). However, you may also be eligible for the Senior Professional or Specialist route, if you are at a more advanced stage of your career.


Please contact us via our chat box or book in a free consultation, if you would like to discuss what route is right for you.


What about Direct Entry?


We often receive enquiries about direct entry. This is a route to becoming MRICS which, in fact, does not involve going through the APC submission and interview process.


You can read more about which qualifications are applicable for Direct Entry to become MRICS on the RICS website. These qualifications are usually achieved outside of the UK and reflect a similar level of competence, professionalism and experience to that required of Chartered Surveyors who are MRICS and have passed the RICS APC.

It is easy to confuse the requirements for pure Direct Entry versus Direct Entry with Preliminary Review, so make sure you are checking the right information.


In the MENA region, the primary Direct Entry qualification is being a Fellow (Real Estate Division) of TAQEEM (Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers). This allows successful applicants to become MRICS Chartered (Valuation) Surveyors.


If applying for Direct Entry with an approved qualification, applicants must:

  • Be put forward (proposed for entry) by an existing Chartered Surveyor (MRICS or FRICS)

  • Complete the online RICS Professionalism Module

  • Submit a CV to RICS with a full summary of their relevant experience and CPD record (if requested)

  • Provide proof from their professional body that they are a full, current member, together with their route to achieving the qualification Provide proof that they are not subject to any regulatory or disciplinary action, or any sanctions, by their professional body


If unsuccessful through the Direct Entry process, if a candidate is eligible for another RICS APC route, such as Preliminary Review, then they can still apply for this separately. This means that they must undergo the usual submission and interview process.



How can we help?

  • Head to our blog archive to access even more free CPD and AssocRICS and RICS APC training and support.

  • Download your free AssocRICS and RICS APC resources, including e-books and revision quizzes.

  • Find out more about our bespoke AssocRICS and RICS APC training and support, before booking your free 15 minute consultation.

  • Not sure about signing up? Make sure you read what our recent successful candidates have to say in our Testimonials.


Stay tuned for our next blog post to help build a better you.

N.b. Nothing in this article constitutes legal, professional or financial advice.


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