RICS APC Training and Support

Our current RICS APC assessors provide support for the MRICS qualification, including the Preliminary Review, Final Assessment Submission and Final Assessment Interview.  We also provide support for Valuer Registration submissions.


The RICS APC is suitable if you have a degree-level qualification and work-based experience. This includes apprentices completing the RICS APC as your end point assessment. We cover all RICS APC pathways and geographic regions via our team of specialist APC assessors.  

We also provide support for the Senior Professional, Specialist and Academic Assessment routes to MRICS qualification:

  • Senior Professional Assessment - this is suitable if you have leadership and management responsibilities and are recognised for your impact and career progression.

  • Specialist Assessment - this is suitable if you deliver enhanced services within an RICS discipline and are recognised for your impact and authority. 

  • Academic Assessment - this is suitable if you work as an academic and undertake surveying-related teaching and research activities.

Our RICS APC support services include:

  • Submission Review and Feedback Service - review of your final assessment submission, structured in two rounds; the first being our feedback on your draft submission, the second being our final proof read following your amendments.

  • APC Question Pack - we provide you with a set of potential questions you could be asked during your final assessment interview, covering all elements of your submission and running to over 30 pages / 1,000 questions

  • E-mock and Mock Interviews - you'll face a 1 hour interview with 1 or 2 current RICS APC assessors, together with 30 minutes of detailed feedback and a written action plan.

  • Hourly Mentoring - tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Revision Quizzes.

We also offer great value support packages combining our various services, whether you are looking for short or long-term RICS APC support:

  • Offer 1 - Ace Your Assessment - combining your choice of 2 out of the following 3 services, submission review, APC question pack, e-mock interview.

  • Offer 2 - Full Monty - including our submission review, APC question pack and e-mock interview.

  • Offer 3 - Monthly Mentoring - one of our most popular packages providing you with your own personal APC support team. This includes a submission review, APC question pack, e-mock interview2 hours of 1-2-1 online/telephone mentoring per month and a full suite of online revision quizzes.

  • Offer 4 - Kick Start - this is perfect if you have already submitted your final assessment documentation and are looking for bespoke support in the run up to your final assessment interview. This includes an APC question pack, e-mock interview1 hour of 1-2-1 online/telephone mentoring per month and a full suite of online revision quizzes.

We always promise a 5 working day turnaround time on all services, so you won’t be left disappointed. 


All RICS APC candidates can also benefit from our free 15 minute APC consultation and extensive free support resources. This includes a free review of your referral report if you have been referred.