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RICS APC Lifeline - Intent to Submit Form (Session 2 2024)

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What is this week's blog about?


In this week’s blog, we take a look at important updates for the RICS APC assessment process in session 2 2024.


This is relevant for all UK RICS APC candidates.


If you are not based in the UK, then head to the RICS website to check the process for your specific world region.


What is the intent to submit form?


You must return the intent to submit form to be able to submit your final assessment documents and be provided with an interview by RICS.


This applies to all candidates, including those on apprenticeship courses.


RICS will email this form out on the following dates:

  • Land & Property pathways – 9 July 2024

  • Built Environment pathways – 13 August 2024


RICS require responses back by the following dates:

  • Land & Property pathways – 25 July 2024

  • Built Environment pathways – 29 August 2024


We recommend ensuring that your email address is recorded correctly on your online RICS assessment platform account. We also recommend that you whitelist the RICS APC contact email address.


If you do not receive the intent to submit email from RICS by the opening dates detailed above, then we recommend checking your spam and contacting RICS if you cannot find the email.


You should receive an acknowledgement email from RICS 5 working days after submitting the intent to submit form. Again, if you don’t receive this then we recommend contacting RICS directly.


RICS specifically confirm on their website that failing to return the intent to submit form may result in your final assessment interview being delayed or cancelled – so do everything you can to ensure you submit it on time and ensure that it is received by RICS.


When do I need to submit for final assessment?


You can check your submission dates directly on the RICS website.


We have not reproduced them in this blog in case they are amended by RICS – only ever rely upon information relating to deadlines from the RICS website.


The submission windows now always close on a Thursday at 1600.


There is no leeway for late submission of either the intent to submit form or your final assessment submission.


After submitting using the RICS platform, you should receive an acknowledgement email within 5 working days.


RICS will then undertake checks on your submission and provide confirmation of this by email within 10 working days.


Again, if you don’t receive either of the above emails, then contact RICS directly. We recommend diarising the dates to ensure that the process runs smoothly.


When will my interview be?


RICS have confirmed that session 2 2024 APC final assessment interviews will commence from the following dates:

  • Land & Property pathways – 7 October 2024

  • Built Environment pathways – 4 November 2024


The approximate assessment windows are for 5 weeks, although this may be extended by RICS if higher than usual volumes of candidates apply for final assessment.


You will no longer be asked for your preference of assessment dates during the assessment window. As such, RICS are asking candidates not to book any holidays during the approximate assessment periods.


You will receive 2 weeks’ notice of your interview date and time, which should be on a weekday (i.e., Monday to Friday). If your interview is postponed by RICS, then they have confirmed that they will try to reschedule this as soon as possible.


In certain circumstances, you may be offered the option of an interview on a Saturday or during the early evening – you have the right to refuse this, however, if you are not comfortable with this.



How can we help?

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  • Not sure about signing up? Make sure you read what our recent successful candidates have to say in our Testimonials.


Stay tuned for our next blog post to help build a better you.

N.b. Nothing in this article constitutes legal, professional or financial advice.


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