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Revision Guide Package

Ace your APC or AssocRICS with our revision and preparation guides, based on your pathway and competency choices. 


Our guides provide a list of potential topic areas you will want to know about for your final assessment, together with links to structured reading and further information. They are also excellent preparation guides when drafting your APC or AssocRICS submission, providing an insight into the depth and breath of knowledge (level 1) required for your chosen competencies.


If you would like to review a sample, please click here.


Our revision guides do not provide an exhaustive list of everything you need to know, which will depend on your experience and what you write in your final assessment submission. 


You can contact us (at if you would like further feedback or clarity on any of the topics or links. Our revision guides are also continually updated to reflect changes to legislation, RICS guidance and new hot topics.


You will receive one user licence for your revision guides, so if you need multiple user access please purchase the correct multiples of the revision guides.


Your revision guides will be sent over by email.


If any competencies are not already included in the package, then just let us know by email and we will add these in within 72 hours.

Revision Guide Package

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