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RICS APC Lifeline – Dealing with APC Nerves and Anxiety

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

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What is today's blog about?

In this week's blog, Rachel Saint DipSURV MRICS looks at dealing with RICS APC nerves and anxiety. Essential reading for all candidates sitting their final assessment interview.

All about nerves...

One of the main obstacles to APC success can be a candidate’s response to natural nervousness and anxiety about not achieving the best outcome from their APC interview.

Nerves are good, to a certain extent. They remind us that this is an important time in your career and that, anything short of a strong performance, may result in your future career plans being put on hold if you are referred by your interview panel.

How can I deal with nerves?

It’s important to recognise if you are someone who is likely to be nervous and to take steps to turn that into a positive outcome. With the right techniques it’s possible to turn your nervousness into a catalyst to improve your performance and professionalism.

If presentation is one of your major fears, you can develop some strategies and techniques to manage your nerves so that you can concentrate on delivering an effective and engaging presentation.

When you are nervous, your body reacts physically to that stress and there are some techniques which will help you to focus on your audience, delivery in accordance with their expectations and reduce your worry about your own nervousness. The more you can control uncertainty, the less nervous you will feel – allowing you to devote more of yourself to the presentation.

Top tips for effective presentations

  • Know your audience – what are they expecting from you?

  • Know your material

  • Structure your presentation

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare

  • Calm yourself

Calming techniques can include deep breathing, taking sips of water, taking a pause and smiling at the audience before you start, controlling your delivery speed and timing.

Conquering nerves in your RICS APC interview

Assessors report that a strong, well delivered presentation is usually followed by a strong interview. The first 10 minutes of your APC interview are key to following up with focussed responses to Q&A as, once you have controlled your nerves, you can show your best, most professional self to the panel.

You can download our full article in the Estates Gazette on this topic below:

Nerves EG Article Sep 22
Download PDF • 271KB

We can also provide 1-2-1 support via our webinar and 15 minute mentoring call.

How can we help?

Stay tuned for our next blog post to help build a better you.

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