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RICS APC and AssocRICS Lifeline – IMPORTANT Summer 2020 Changes

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

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What is this week's blog about?

In this week’s blog, we look at some important changes to the RICS APC and AssocRICS announced by RICS in the Summer of 2020.

This is essential reading for all current RICS APC and AssocRICS candidates.

What has changed for RICS APC candidates?

There are a number of changes for APC candidates that have been announced by RICS in the Summer of 2020:

  • Changes to how interview dates are selected now that all interviews will be held online

  • New candidate guidance

  • Changes to the online interview process following Session 1 2020

  • Changes to the proposer and seconder sign-off requirements

How do I select my online interview date?

RICS have already announced that all future RICS APC final assessment interviews will be conducted online.

However, RICS have now confirmed the procedures for selecting your priority interview dates. Your potential range of dates can be viewed online – make sure you view the correct dates as each pathway differs.

You can now select your priority week for assessment, e.g. if there are three weeks of assessments then you can rank these in first, second and third place, if there are two then you can rank first and second and if there is only one then there is no choice available.

ARC also provides time options, but these are for assessor reference only and you will not be able to select a preferred time.

RICS will try to accommodate your first choice, but this is not always possible so you will need to keep all potential date options available. Your interview date will be confirmed three weeks beforehand by email.

What has changed in relation to the RICS APC candidate guidance?

The RICS have published a new candidate guide which reflects the key changes relating to the online interview process. You can download your copy online.

RICS have also published new guidance on how the online interview process works which can be downloaded online.

How will the online interview process change for Session 2 2020?

There are a number of key changes being made by RICS to refine the online interview process for Session 2 2020:

  • Your 60 minute interview will only start when you begin your presentation, allowing sufficient time beforehand for audio and visual checks

  • Management of technology issues and time management by the Chairperson

  • Quality assurance measures regarding the use of video cameras and microphone, together with the staff facilitator and auditor roles

  • Use of Microsoft Teams rather than Skype for Business

What has changed in relation to the proposer and seconder sign off requirements?

Your proposer and seconders can now both be MRICS members, rather than one needing to be FRICS. You can, of course, still use a FRICS signatory for any of them, if available.

The requirement for not more than two signatures to be from your employing firm still remains.

What has changed for RICS AssocRICS candidates?

There are a number of changes for AssocRICS candidates that have been announced by RICS in the Summer of 2020:

  • Referral procedure

  • Plagiarism detection

  • New candidate guidance

How has the referral procedure changed for AssocRICS candidates?

If you have been referred at AssocRICS, you will no longer need to declare this when you resubmit. This means that you will be assessed as a first time candidate and will not need to submit your referral report. However, this also means that you cannot bank competencies that have been considered as met at your last submission.

Your assessors will consider your new submission holistically, including your experience, CPD and case study. This will remove any bias relating to previous referrals and provide a fairer and more transparent assessment process. This is similar to procedure that has been implemented for the RICS APC assessments.

Your case study must remain valid when you re-submit, i.e. you must have been personally involved with it during the last 24 months (working back from your submission date).

The new procedure does mean that your submission will be scrutinised by a different assessment panel each time and will be subject to subjective interpretation. You cannot guarantee a competency that passed last time around will pass again this time, so careful proof reading and reviewing is essential.

To improve your chances of success, we recommend booking a submission review from Property Elite.

How is plagiarism managed by RICS?

RICS will run all AssocRICS submissions through Turnitin. This is a piece of software used to detect plagiarism, so ensure that all of your work is your own and is not reflective of anyone else’s previous submission.

You can, of course, use your own work when re-submitting and this will not constitute plagiarism.

You can also use appropriate wording from your AssocRICS submission towards your future APC submission and this will not constitute plagiarism. The requirements of the two assessments are very different so it is definitely not a case of copying and pasting!

What has changed in relation to the RICS AssocRICS candidate guide?

The RICS have published a new candidate guide which reflects the key changes relating to the online interview process. You can download your copy online.

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