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RICS APC Lifeline – 2022 Submission Process

Updated: Feb 1

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What is today's blog about?

In this week’s blog, we look at the new submission process for RICS APC candidates submitting for final assessment in Spring 2022.

Is ARC being used?

This is the most common question we get asked about the 2022 submission process.

In short, no.

RICS has announced that ARC is not being used for submissions. This means that you should not upload any new information or make changes to any existing information held on ARC.

However, if you have historic diary entries or a draft submission saved on ARC, you can view and copy this information out. We recommend doing this to avoid any loss of important APC submission data.

It is not clear whether RICS will bring back ARC in the long-term, i.e., for the Autumn 2022 submission window onwards.

When do I submit?

You can check your submission dates on the RICS website - click here for UK dates.

Make sure you select your world region (top right toolbar) and then look at the correct pathway and route. If you are in any doubt, just ask us for help using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this web page.

RICS have confirmed that there will be a 6 month extension until 31 July 2022 on CPD and case study validity. This extension does not apply to completion of the ethics module and test.

How do I submit?

Spring 2022 RICS APC submissions need to be made using the correct Word document template for your route. These have been updated in the last few days by RICS and they recommend you use the new 2022 (rather than previous 2021) versions. However, the 2021 templates will still be accepted (although they may not provide the best experience, according to RICS).

You can also download our case study template, which adds in a title page, page numbering and other professional finishing touches.

If you have any information still held on ARC, copy and paste it out into your template.

After finalising your submission, you will need to complete the online application form. This does not include a Counsellor signature section, instead RICS will now check directly with your Counsellor that they have signed off your submission. You will, however, still need to provide your Counsellor’s name and membership number.

This will require to you to confirm your RICS membership number, availability for interview and pathway specialism. Your submission will be uploaded as part of this process, rather than having to send your submission documents to RICS by email.

Your choice of specialism allows RICS to allocate a final assessment panel who are aligned to your pathway, competencies and experience.

You will also need to provide the names, membership numbers and email addresses of your Counsellor, proposer and two seconders. The latter two roles (three people in total) need to be either MRICS or FRICS and at least one must work outside of your firm. There is no longer a requirement for one of these to be FRICS.

APC preliminary review and AssocRICS candidates only need their Counsellor’s sign off; they do not require the proposer and seconder approvals as well.

After submitting, you should receive a confirmation email from RICS. They will have undertaken basic checks on your documents by this point to ensure you have met the minimum requirements, e.g., word counts, all elements complete, logbook days and CPD hours. Your submission will not be assessed by RICS, so you cannot ‘fail’ the interview before being interviewed.

For final assessment APC candidates, RICS will then confirm your interview date and time by email when a panel has been scheduled.

If you are an APC preliminary review or AssocRICS candidate then you will receive your result by email from RICS within the results window.

How should I deal with the new RICS Rules of Conduct if I am submitting in Spring 2022?

You will need to be aware of and discuss the new RICS Rules of Conduct in your submission and interview, if you are submitting in Spring 2022. This will include practical examples and evidence based on the new Rules.

How can we help?

Stay tuned for our next blog post to help build a better you.

N.b. Nothing in this article constitutes legal, professional or financial advice.