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Building Better
Property Professionals

Property Elite provides training and support to Chartered Surveyors for the RICS APC, AssocRICS and FRICS qualifications

We support all world regions, routes (including Structured Training, Preliminary Review, Senior Professional, Specialist and Academic) and pathways 

Graham Hooley
Commercial Manager at Black & Veatch International

To all candidates.....Preparation is key, remember my favourite old saying "failure to prepare is to prepare to fail"......I did not fail because I prepared very well, and I could only do that with the first class services provided by Property Elite!

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Hazel Williams
Chartered Surveyor

I purchased the question pack (which became my bible in the final stages of revision) and I was so impressed at what I received!

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Behrang Dizaji
Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer

Passed my assessment first time and became a Chartered Surveyor. The level of support and attentiveness by Property Elite was exceptional.

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Helen Andrews

RICS Professional Assessment Manager Sub-Saharan Africa

The assessor who reviewed Denis’s submission for his pre-assessment review has asked me to pass on his compliments for the great advice and guidance you gave Denis. He said it was an absolute pleasure to review his submission.

The panel has asked me to pass on their congratulations to you for your role as Denis' counsellor as they were very impressed with how well Denis was prepared for his interview.